"Fragment from the House of God"

A brick is presented.

On a pedestal,

under a glass bell.

As if it were an excavated archaeological find,

on display at the 'Archaeologic Museum Of Religion'.

A remnant from the House of God.

The museum gives the following description:

Fragment from the House of God

2014 A.C. - South Asia

This fragment was part of the Great Crypt's western wall.

It was found at a construction site in Lahore, Pakistan.

INV.: 2014.05/06.28-30/1

Newspaper articles from around the world are glued onto the pedestal.

They all cover the same story:

At the end of May 2014 a young Pakistani woman who was three months pregnant was beaten to death by her father, brothers and ex-fiancé.


The young woman had chosen to marry the man she loved, against her family's will, and despite her family choosing a different husband for her.

On her way to Lahore's High Court,

where she had to testify in defence of her marriage, she was killed.

The murder weapon was a brick,

found at a nearby construction site.



remnant from the House of God,

murder weapon in the name of God.

The museum's name is abbreviated 'AMOR', which also refers to the mythological god

who played a crucial role in this story.

Price: EUR 1.850,00